August 28, 2012

rocky 5 Rocky   ADOPTEDRocky is a young (less than a year old) husky cross.  He was found wandering the streets and unfortunately no one has claimed him.  We don’t understand why – he is a great dog! Handsome and Smarts!!

rocky 4 Rocky   ADOPTEDSome important things to know about this little dude:

  • He LOVES to play.
  • He is cuddly and sweet when he wants to be
  • A happy, goofy dog with loads of personality
  • Rocky is like a little sponge and is eager to learn
  • He is very food motivated so will be an easy guy to train.
  • Kid tested and approved icon wink Rocky   ADOPTED (we’ve had him around 6 years and older but with training would be okay with younger)
  • Great with other dogs and would be a good “dog park” dog.

It appears as though not much training or time was spent with Rocky as a youngster but we are making up for that now!! His foster home is working on the basics, and he’s picking stuff up pretty quickly. He’s a little smartie pants this guy!

rocky 6 Rocky   ADOPTEDThe only issue we’ve seen a hint of is Seperation Anxiety. He can get a little worried if left along for long periods of time. We’ve been working on this though and he is now much more relaxed as long as he has his foster brother at home with him! For this reason we reccomend that Rocky go to a home that already has a dog. He definitely needs a friend at home to keep him occupied!

rocky 3 Rocky   ADOPTEDRocky is at great age- past the housetraining/constant supervision stage but still Puppy enough to mold into anything you want!!! This is one great puppy who would make a great addition to someones family!!

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