September 6, 2012

In everything Windy City Canine Rescue does, we try our hardest to be open and transparent.  And for that reason, we are sharing this difficult news.

Nilo was euthanized today.

You’ll remember Nilo who came to us from Cuba.  The story of his arrival is here.

Sadly, last week Nilo attacked a friend of his owner, leaving her with stitches on her face and the possibility of plastic surgery.  Nilo knew this person well.  The bite was unprovoked.

This decision didn’t come easily for Nilo’s owner.  We provided what we do for all of our adoptive homes – support and resources.  We discussed many factors including his traumatic history, some concerning behaviors, his overall temperament, and most importantly his quality of life.  An experienced dog trainer and two separate veterinarians were consulted – all of whom knew Nilo and had worked with him.  We examined our alternatives, but with all of the facts on the table and with the recommendation of these professionals, it was determined by Nilo’s owner that this was the best decision for Nilo’s safety and for those around him.

Thank you to APAC – Varadero for their support through this process and for their efforts to provide alternatives.  Our hearts are heavy and our thoughts are with you, along with his owner and his foster homes here in Canada.  We know you’re all hurting today too.

Nilo, please know that you were loved and cared for.  So many people worked hard for you, to give you all the opportunities you deserved.  Rest easy, sweet boy.

Nilo 1 Nilo


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