September 20, 2012

Sadie was with us back in July and due to circumstances way beyond her control, she is back.  Sadie is a true “Heinz 57” mix – a little border collie, a little shepherd, a little husky, a little ?? She is about 7 years old and could be one of the sweetest dogs ever.

sadie 1 Sadie   ADOPTEDShe has a sad past – her dad got evicted and was living in his car with her. He loves to her bits but knew that this situation was not the best one for her. And you can tell Sadie has been loved since day one. She is a treat to be around. She is well behaved in the house, she can be trusted off leash. She is great with dogs and kids and cats.

sadie 2 Sadie   ADOPTED

She loves to cuddle and you can sass her up for a good game of chase outside. She has show a little interest in toys but you can tell she’d much rather just run. She is a great traveller – so good in fact you almost forget she is in the car with you!

sadie 3 Sadie   ADOPTED

You couldn’t ask for a nicer, sweeter dog. She would be great for almost anyone but, she would excel at being part of a big family or as a pet for an active older couple.

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