Hazel Update

November 7, 2012

And here is an update on Hazel!  It looks like she is looking forward to winter and more snow.  :)

We have had Hazel since April now and she is fantastic. She came into our home as if she had been here all her life, made instant friends with Layla and they have been inseperable ever since. We had a few issues with her barking and charging up and down the house for a bit, Collies are very vocal anyway, but that was sorted in the first week after she ripped and pulled my window coverings down icon smile Hazel Update . She is a personality and a half, lots of fun and a very happy dog that loves everyone (except the mailman lol). She is very vocal and will growl at you to get attention, if you ignore her she will bark, if she wants to play, expect to have her toys thrown onto your lap…….all of them…..lol. All in all we absolutely love her, she is a very funny dog who has us laughing everyday icon smile Hazel Update and is a fab hot water bottle keeping my feet lovely and toastie even at +31 icon smile Hazel Update

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