Hunter – Adopted

November 12, 2012

Hunter 10 Hunter   Adopted

We are still getting to know this big guy but what we know so far, we love.

Hunter 9 Hunter   Adopted

Hunter is your typical happy, goofy, snuggly golden retriever.  He is 7 years old and has been loved his whole life.  He is great with kids (not sure about cats yet!), loves everyone, is great off leash (he always turns to make sure you aren’t too far away), rarely barks and is housetrained.  He gets along with female dogs, but we’ve been told that he isn’t as good with male dogs.  He is very obedient – he is very quick to “sit”, “down” or “stay” when asked, especially if you are holding a tasty treat.

Hunter 6 Hunter   Adopted

He isn’t as big as he looks – the fence is really short.  :)

Hunter 5 Hunter   Adopted

Hunter is playful and fun and has no problem climbing on to the couch with you and acting as your blanket.  He would make a great family pet.

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