November 17, 2012

Lyla c2 Lyla   ADOPTED

Lyla is a Jack Russell cross.  She only weighs 10 lbs but is a ball of fun.  She loves her people and wants nothing more than to be with them doing anything they like!

Lyla 7 Lyla   ADOPTED

She’s happy to snuggle on the couch, play tug or run in the coulees. She is great off leash and listens really well.  She is pretty high energy outside, but settles nicely in the house after a run. She has a typical terrier personality – she is excited by loud noises and fast moving things and because of that ,she is would be better off with older children.  She also thinks cats are pretty fun, but they don’t tend to return her affections.  :)  She gets along well with other dogs and loves to wrestle and chase.

Lyla 6 Lyla   ADOPTED

It might be due to all the changes in her short life, but she does have some separation anxiety and doesn’t like to be alone. With some consistency, affection and support, this may improve with time.

Lyla 3 2 Lyla   ADOPTED

If you think you’re up for an all around great companion please call or email for more info.

Lyla 1 Lyla   ADOPTED

PS – She also has awesome, expressive ears and has begging down to a fine art form!

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