Moxie Update

November 6, 2012

moxie 2 Moxie Update

Here is an awesome update from Moxie’s family!

Even though she is still a work in progress and has tested our patience many times hahaha we LOVE having Moxie as part of our family. She has been a great addition and we are so happy we finally found her after she went missing for those couple weeks. She has helped our older dog Harley become way more playful and they are now joined at the hip. Even though we are still working out a few kinks with her aggression we see minor changes everyday so we hope that with time she will be able to overcome her quirks. When we first got her she didn’t like to cuddle much or approch you for a belly rub, now she can’t get enough of cuddle time and wants attention 24/7.

moxie 3 Moxie Update

We are so glad to hear she is doing well and it sounds like she hit the jackpot with her family who is willing to work through her issues and give her a helping hand!

moxie 1 Moxie Update

moxie 4 Moxie Update

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