December 15, 2012

Holli is one of those dogs that will have your heart at “Hello”.

Holli 5 Holli   ADOPTED

Holli came to us from LA – she was picked up as a stray with a very bad flea infestation.  She was so itchy, she actually licked until her fur turned pink on her back (now that she is cootie free, as she sheds and new fur grows in, she’ll get her beautiful white fur back).   She is approximately 6 years old and is great with cats, dogs and people of all ages.

Holli 4 Holli   ADOPTED

She is fun and playful and sweet.

Holli 3 Holli   ADOPTED

She is always up for an adventure – especially if her nose gets to lead the way, but when it is time to watch TV in the evenings, she is just as content to snuggle up next to you and keep you company.

Holli 2 Holli   ADOPTED

Holli would do well in almost any kind of home – lots of kids, quiet older couple, adventurous new family…  If you are looking for a great addition, Holli just might be the one you’ve been searching for!

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