December 21, 2012

Zeus is a dog we’d describe as the “one that got away” – we can’t believe no one is missing this great dog!

Zeus 2 Zeus   ADOPTED

We found this great guy wandering loose out near Spring Coulee.  When he was first spotted trotting down the highway, it was assumed he was a farm dog near the edge of his property just going for a stroll.  When he was spotted a second time an hour or so later, a few miles from where he was initially spotted and on a different highway, we had a feeling this poor guy was lost.  We’ve tried for almost a week to find his family but no one has stepped forward to claim him.  We spoke with the local animal shelter and once a dog has been unclaimed for 72 hours, they are eligible to be adopted. So while we are still hoping we’ll find Zeus’ first home, we have a feeling no one is out there looking for him and that it is time he finds a new one.

Zeus 4 Zeus   ADOPTED

Zeus is a friendly guy who makes buddies everywhere he goes.  We are guessing he is around 8 months old.  He is a fair sized guy that is mainly fluff at this point but will probably fill out to be about a 60 – 70 lb dog.  So he’ll be big, but not huge. He loves to play, especially with doggy buddies.  When he first met his foster sister, we couldn’t get him in the door because he was so busy play bowing to her and trying to entice her into a game of chase.

Zeus 5 Zeus   ADOPTED

He loves to snuggle and is quietly affectionate.  He doesn’t seem to have any bad habits although he does need a little instruction on what is a chew toy and what isn’t.  :)  He is fairly mild mannered – he doesn’t get crazy excited, but still enjoys to play.  He is the kind of dog that will curl up at your feet when you are relaxing, but be ready to go when you are feeling a little more energetic.  He will need a bit of obedience training – we don’t think he’s ever been on a leash before but his personality is such that despite that, he still isn’t hard to manage.


Zeus 6 Zeus   ADOPTED

Zeus would make a fine addition to almost any family.

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