Crosby – ADOPTED

February 24, 2013

Crosby is a 3 year old male yorkie.

Crosby 3 Crosby   ADOPTED

He is cute, sweet, snuggly and playful – once he gets to know you.  When he first meets you, he’d rather you just turn around and leave. At least that is what he thought when he met me! icon smile Crosby   ADOPTED  He did his best to make sure his foster mom was always between the two of us.  After 15 minutes he was brave enough to look at me without a shield, but I still didn’t attempt to get any closer than 8 feet or to touch him.

Crosby 5 Crosby   ADOPTED

He is a very shy little guy that just needs a chance to warm up.  He would not do very well in a household with kids and he has also been known to chase cats.  He gets along great with his foster home’s rowdy lab, but has had issues with smaller, more submissive dogs in the past.

Crosby 4 Crosby   ADOPTED

Crosby would excel in a quieter household where he could come to terms with things at his own pace.  We’ll post more information about him as he comes out of his shell and we get to know him a little better!

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