March 26, 2013

We’ve just been contacted in regards to this handsome fella who needs somewhere to go, and as a result, we need your help!

Blue is a dog who was available for adoption through Lethbridge Pet Location.  We aren’t sure exactly what has happened, but Blue’s foster home has been unable to contact Lethbridge Pet Location for several months now in regards to Blue’s care.  His foster home loves Blue, but is unable to afford to provide for him any longer and has requested that we take him under our care.

We are in the process of trying to track down a representative from Lethbridge Pet Location, and have attempted to contact them via the information on their website.  If anyone knows of some way we can speak to Lethbridge Pet Location about Blue, please let us know by email to

While Blue is technically considered abandoned at this time — as per Section 4.1 of the Animal Protection Act, which can be referenced here – he will be held for 7 days in hopes that we can contact Lethbridge Pet Location.  After this 7 day holding period, Blue will be officially part of Windy City Canine Rescue and will be available for adoption through our organization.

He’s a handsome devil so let’s keep our fingers crossed that he finds some footing and a forever home that he deserves.


Blu 1 2 Blue

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