Sox Update

April 14, 2013

Here is what Sox’s foster home has to say about her:

We have had Sox for almost 2 weeks & she is doing great. She is a very social girl, loves anyone or anything – even my very grouchy cat seems to like her! She also plays great with my small dog.

She is great with children. She is a very quick learner. She can sit &  lay down, put a paw out for it to be wiped & comes when called. She has also learned to go lay in her bed while we are eating.

She is pretty good off leash but does forget occasionally & goes a bit farther away than we would like, but she always comes back.  She loves tummy rubs & chew toys, plays fetch & tug-a-war with my dog. She’s also a great traveler and has no problems in the vehicles at all.

We love having her around!

Sox 1 Sox Update

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