Sox Update

August 19, 2013

Here is a brief little update on Sox from her foster mom….

Sox is such a kind & loving dog,what a gentle soul she has.When we are out for our walks we get a lot of compliments on how nice of a dog she is! She walks much better now but we do still use a halti so that it’s easier for us. She does get excited to see people and will try to jump up to say hi but isn’t jumping up as much as she was,we have been working a lot on this. She is a very social girl, loves anyone or anything..We have puppy sat for friends a few times & she does great with the other dogs as well as with our small dog. She just loves to play! Even my very grouchy cat seems to like her! She is great with children and has learned quite a bit since she came to us. She can sit & lay down,roll over, sit pretty, tries to dance (very awkwardly LOL), puts a paw out for it to be wiped when it’s wet outside & comes when called. She has also learned to stay on her bed while we are eating. She sticks around pretty good when off leash but does forget occasionally and goes a bit too far. She loves tummy rubs & chew toys,plays fetch & tug-a-war with my dog. She’s a great traveler as well and is very calm in the vehicle.

We love having her around!

If you are interested in meeting Sox, we’d love to hear from you!  She would make a fantastic family pet.

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