Getting to Know Baxter

January 15, 2014

We can’t believe it.  We have such incredible dogs in rescue right now and most of them have been with us for months.  Obviously you guys just don’t know enough about them, as otherwise they’d be adopted by now!  So we are going to fix that… starting with Baxter.

Baxter 6 1024x682 Getting to Know Baxter

Baxter is crate trained (which is a huge plus) and stays happily in his crate while his foster home is at work – just in case.  He’s never gotten into mischief, but better safe than sorry!  If his foster mom goes out for a short period of time, she leaves him loose in the house.  When she comes back, he is so excited to see her he is wiggling so much he can barely keep all 4 feet on the ground at the same time.

Baxter is one of those “when you are active – he is active, when you are calm – he is calm” kind of dogs.  He is always ready for a snuggle and his favourite part to have scratched is his snout.  At bed-time he hops on the bed for a little nighttime cuddling but then hops down and sleeps on a dog bed on the floor.  Frankly I can’t think of a more perfect sleeping arrangement – cuddles AND all the leg space you could want?  I wish I was that lucky!

Baxter has never met a stranger.  He’s happy to see people of all ages, shapes and sizes, is quick to make doggy friends and even tries to befriend cats – although they aren’t always as friendly back.  :)

The one thing you’ll need to buy for Baxter is toys.  Oh how he loves his toys.  He likes to destuff them but enjoys them even when they are flat empty casings.  :)  He will fetch anything that can be thrown and will try and convince you to throw forever.  He also enjoys a good game of tug – especially with his foster sister.  He’s also usually up for a game of chase too!

Sooo…. Have we made him sound amazing?  Good!  Because he is!  Let us know if you are interested in meeting this gem of a dog.


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