Getting to Know Bronco

January 17, 2014
Bronco is a pretty relaxed kind of guy.  He is perfectly content to lounge around the house all day and often when his foster mom steps out for a bit, she finds him in exactly the same spot as where she left him!  Needless to say, this guys doesn’t need to go in a crate when left alone.
Bronco 3 Getting to Know Bronco
Bronco loves everyone he meets. He gets along great with other dogs and because he comes when called he can even go to the off leash park no problem.  He also loves leash walks and walks really nicely on a leash.  If you like to be out and about, Bronco is prepared to be out with you.  He also loves cats and kids and will snuggle with anyone who is willing.
Bronco might be getting on in years, but if those grey hairs didn’t give him away, you’d never know.  He still acts like a giant puppy – a well-behaved, perfectly housetrained puppy that is.  He can keep up with his younger foster siblings with no problems and loves to chase them around the yard.  He gets a little stiff sometimes when it is cold out – but hey… who doesn’t!  ;)
I know sometimes it feels like we say this a lot, but he really is an amazing, wonderful dog and we can’t believe he hasn’t found the family of his dreams yet!

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