Have you ever been told that purebreds are rare in rescue?  Or that all the dogs in rescue have “problems” and are “unpredictable” or “must have been giving away because they had behaviour issues”?  If you’ve been following the dogs in our care (or in any rescue’s care) you’ll find that this just isn’t true.  Cleo is a perfect example of this.

Cleo is a purebred golden retriever who is happy, loving, obedient and sweet.  A new family member was allergic to her and they had to make the hard decision to find her a new home.  She’s had a loving family for 7 long years – they took her regularly to the vet, fed her high quality food, and gave her all the exercise and attention she needed.

Cleo gets along great with other dogs, cats, kids, strangers, horses and everything else we’ve thrown at her.  She has wonderful manners, although she does like to have something in her mouth when she’s excited so you might want to have toys laying around incase she gets desperate and uses your sleeve instead. icon smile Cleo   Golden Retriever  She likes to play fetch and she can be trusted off leash.

What more do you need to hear about this wonderful girl?  Contact us today to arrange a meeting!

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