If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs in our care, please complete the following steps:


    • Sit down with your family and/or roommates and discuss adopting a new dog.  Be sure to talk about how much time you have to spend, how much a new dog will cost, what type of personality you want in your dog and who will be responsible for walking and caring for the pet.


    • Make sure that the ideal dog you and your family have described above matches with the dog you want to adopt. Also be sure to check with your landlord (if applicable) to make sure pets are allowed in your home.



  • Complete the Adoption Application by clicking this link.  When you have completed the form it will automatically be emailed to us and you should receive an email confirmation.  Only fully completed application forms will be considered and we will not reply to people who have not fully completed the application!  


Note: Many people ask if they can meet a dog before filling out an application. There are a few reasons that we don’t allow this.  We are a volunteer run organization and with all the dogs in foster care, arranging for a meeting usually involves coordinating at least two volunteers as well the potential adopters.  We don’t mind doing this, but we need to make sure the potential adopters will be a good fit for the dog in question. There are questions on the application form that will allow us to quickly screen potential adopters to make sure they are suitable for the dogs they are interested in.


    • Wait to hear from a Windy City Canine Rescue volunteer.  Volunteers will review all applications and get back to you with any further questions we may have.  Please expect a volunteer to arrange a home visit and to sit down with you to make sure you are a good match for the particular dog you are interested in.


    • After you have met the dog during the home visit and discussed things in detail with a rescue volunteer, talk again to your family to make sure everyone is agreed that this is the dog that you want and that you are committed to providing for his/her needs.


Our adoption fees are set to ensure that we can provide basic care for every dog that comes into our rescue.  We will ensure that every dog is on a vaccination program, has been spayed or neutered, has a microchip, has been treated for fleas and worms if necessary and has received any other veterinarian care needed.  We treat all the dogs in the rescue in the same manner we would treat our own – if they require something, we provide it.


Our adoption fee is $550.


A rescue volunteer will contact you within seven days.  If your application has been approved, arrangements will be made to allow you to pick up the dog as soon as possible. If your application has not been approved, you will be advised the reason(s) and alternatives will be suggested.


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