>Micah {Lab cross} - Adopted

>Micah is a 6-8 year old lab cross that was almost euthanized yesterday (until a wonderful vet clinic refused to

>Piper {Rottweiler/Terrier cross}

>Piper is a three year old Rottweiler/Terrier cross. She is an incredible dog who deserves an incredible home. Piper is a

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>The Snuggler - ADOPTED

>Mandy is a total snuggle bug.So much so she is actually quite hard to photograph.She was often sitting on my

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>Missy {Jack Russell Terrier} - ADOPTED

>Missy is back and ready for adoption. She had been adopted out, but was returned only a week later after

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>Billy {Shetland Sheepdog/Pomeranian Cross} - Adopted

>Billy is a very sweet, shy little dog who has had no interaction with humans in the first three years

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>Mandy {Cocker Spaniel} - ADOPTED

>Mandy is a cute and cuddly, 10 year old cocker spaniel.She is a little overweight and LOVES to sleep and

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>Billy {Sheltie/Pomeranian Cross} - Adoption Pending

>There once was a man from Montana who lived in a small town with his 74 dogs.  One day, the

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>Just ‘Cause

October 16, 2010
>Just 'Cause

>Mya (ADOPTED) is still doing well and for some reason is STILL with us!  She is such a fun loving

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>Rescue is a funny world, it always keeps me guessing. I have been involved for several years now, and I'd

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