>Jenny {Golden Retriever} - ADOPTED

>Jenny is a 3 year old golden retriever who is used to all the good things in life.  Her owners

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>Jace {Border Collie} - ADOPTED

>Jace is a 10 month old border collie who has had a fairly unstable start to life. Amazingly enough though,

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>Lola {Miniature Pinscher/Pug Cross) - ADOPTED

>Lola is a young (a few years old at the most), miniature pinscher/pug cross.  She has a very slight build

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>Little Miss - ADOPTED

>When you're involved in rescue you see all types of dogs come through the system. I think it's inevitable

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>Hazards of Fostering

>Have you thought about becoming a foster home for the Windy City Canine Rescue?  If so, it is important you

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>Mya {Little Miss Playful} - ADOPTED

>Mya is an energetic dog who is always ready to play.  She is very curious and wants to be involved

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>Roxee {New Do} - ADOPTED

>Roxee got a much needed groom this past weekend.  Thanks Jo for doing such a great job.  She is looking

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>One Month In….

April 12, 2010
>One Month In....

>Thanks to all of your support, in our very first month, we've already had 4 dogs adopted (one of them

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>Sammie {Hound} - ADOPTED

>Sammie is a 10 year old hound who came to us from a shelter down in the states.  She is

>Missy {Jack Russell Terrier} - ADOPTED

>Missy is a 6-year old jack russell terrier who will keep you laughing with her antics and boundless energy.  She'd

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