Alex is a young puppy that was picked up as a stray from a northern reserve. She’s everything a puppy “should” be – she happy, friendly, playful and curious.  It’s so hard to tell how big she’ll grow up to be as we don’t know her exact age and we don’t know what either of her parents look like.  She doesn’t have giant feet, so we are GUESSING she’ll be mid sized as an adult but don’t hold us to that!  If you adopt her, be prepared for any size.

Alex is doing great with housetraining and is getting better every day.  She’s a fun little girl who is always looking for adventure and can be mischievous at times – when things suddenly go silent, you definitely need to look to see what she’s up to!  She loves to play and is always pestering her big foster sister to play with her.  She’s pretty fearless and confident and is going for wagon rides in the neighbourhood (which is a GREAT way to socialize young pups that are too young to be out and about yet) to get used to all the different sights and sounds of the city.


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