Barbie is just a DOLL! And could not be a sweeter dog. Barbie was born around March 2018 and is a little fearful of new situations but is eager to experience them. She loves people and is good around most dogs but it is best to approach her slowly with a new dog. Barbie is playful but she has an old leg injury that looks painful but actually doesn’t seem to bother her. We’ve consulted our vet and an orthopaedic surgeon and they both agree that it is an old break that didn’t heal properly, but attempting to fix it would just cause more pain. She romps around and plays with the best of them and loves her neighbourhood walks.

Barbie will stick by your side, cause no problems and be as loyal as the day is long.

Update from her foster home!   Barbie loves it outside now that it is warm. She runs around and plays with my dog like she does not have a disability. She is learning to take her treats nicely but still forgets every now and then. She eats all her food when it is breakfast and supper but does not like to share her food with others. After playing outside her limp becomes more prominent. She goes in her kennel quietly when we leave for the day. She loves to cuddle and loves to give kisses.

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