Bronx – Medical Hold

Bronx is a 1.5 year old male. He is great on a leash, loves to go for walks and loves to chase and fetch toys – balls in particular.

He’s quiet in the house and generally only barks when there are strangers over. He can have a bit of a “stranger danger” first response to new people but a few treats, and a few sniffs later, he settles down just fine.

You’ve probably noticed he is missing an eye. We don’t have the history on this but it shouldn’t cause any issues in the future. He gets along just fine without it and his remaining eye is perfectly healthy.

He is playful with other dogs but he is also a bit bossy. So if he’s going into a home with other dogs it will depend on the personalities of the current dogs as to whether or not they will get along. He would be perfectly fine meeting up for walks with friends and their dogs. He can just show some guarding issues over toys and treats. And we feel that with appropriate training, this too can probably be overcome.

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