Cliff – Adoption Pending

Cliff is a young (around 8 week old) mystery mutt. We have no idea what is in his genetic heritage. We suspect he’ll be a medium to large breed when grown but that is a guess based on his current size and approximate age.

This little active fellow will keep you on your toes. He is doing fantastic with his housetraining and is “doing his business” outside 95% of the time already but his foster home is keeping a close eye on him to see the subtle signs. He sleeps quietly in a crate through the night as well as during the day when his foster parents are at work. He definitely needs a mid-day potty break but he won’t mess in his crate if left for up to 4 hours.

Cliff is a confident and happy puppy. He LOVES to play and will stalk his foster siblings and tackle and climb all over them. He likes to play tug with toys and when he wins the game, he’ll run off to a dog bed to stash his toy for later. This little monkey is already able to go up and down stairs and will get into mischief the moment you turn your back. He is very respectful of the cats in his foster home and just ignores them.

Cliff has a healthy appetite and got a clean bill of health from the vet. Fill out an application form today if you are interested in adopting!


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