Coriander – Adoption Pending

Coriander was born in early March 2019.  Her mom is a med/large black and white mixed breed of unknown heritage.  The dad is a total mystery.  Coriander and her litter-mates will be available for adoption in early May, but we are accepting applications now.

Cori is very similar to her brother, Fen.  She is a ball of energy and loves to play.  She is a confident puppy that is very determined.  She was the first to figure out how to escape the xpen.  And just like her brother, Fen, she like to bounce her way to cuddles.

Foster home update!  Cori is extremely smart and has learned how to “sit” and “kennel”. She sleeps in her kennel with her brother all night without a peep. In the morning they can’t wait to go outside and usually follow me around after until I feed them. Cori will jump a foot in the air and bark when she sees her food she gets so excited. We can tell her sit now and she will quiet down and wait for her dish. She needs to be fed away from the other dogs or she just swallows it all in seconds. She loves playing with her brother and foster brother. She is very gentle when play fighting and often will do full on somersaults which is hilarious to watch. During the day we will leave their kennel door open and they will come and sleep as they please.  Cori showed interest in my cat for a while but now completely ignores her. She is great with kids but needs to be reminded to be gentle as her puppy teeth are sharp! Her favourite toy is anything with stuffing she can rip apart. Dollar store stuffies are the best 1f609 Coriander   Adoption Pending

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