Duke – Adoption Pending

You guys know us – we aren’t the type to sing the sad songs.  We like to celebrate the lives these dogs get to live in the future, not dwell on their lives in the past, but Duke… oh Duke.  He’s pulling hard on the heart-strings.

Duke is a three year old border collie.  He is as SWEET as can be.  He loves attention and ear rubs.  He’ll slowly climb on your lap as you pet him, but he is never pushy about getting attention. He’s quiet and calm in the house and absolutely fantastic with cats. He is quite the charmer with female dogs and he hasn’t met a stranger that he hasn’t instantly adored.

And all of this is pretty amazing considering his past.

Somewhere along the line he had an injury to his lower spine – just above the tail.  So his tail just lies there – no wag, no lift – it’s just limp. His back end is very slightly compromised – when you flip his back feet over for example, he takes a second to flip them back the right way up.  But just a second. If it wasn’t for the tail you probably wouldn’t even notice there was a problem. The good news is there doesn’t appear to be any pain at all from the old injury.

In his most recent home, he wasn’t getting along well with the other male dogs in the home. In fact, minutes before he came to us last night there was another altercation and he sustained a bite/puncture to a front leg.  Poor dude. You can see old war wounds on his nose as well. Thanks to the accommodating vets at Park Pet Vet that squeezed us in today, he’s already on the road to recovery with antibiotics to help with the swelling and pain meds to keep him comfortable.

But despite all this… he’s a real sweetheart and oh so deserving of a soft place to land.

Duke 4 1024x682 Duke   Adoption Pending


Duke 3 682x1024 Duke   Adoption Pending

Duke 1024x682 Duke   Adoption Pending

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