Erick is a fun loving 6 month old, medium sized, mix breed.  He’s bigger than a beagle but smaller than a lab.  Erick is that perfect mix of fun and playful without being wild and crazy. He loves to run and chase toys but he doesn’t want to do it for hours and hours.  He exudes happiness in everything he does.  He gets along great with other dogs and is happy to greet any dog that wants to say hi on a walk. He can be cautious yet curious for every new thing – a new person, a new noise, a new bag flapping in a tree.  His curiosity usually wins out, and in no time he’s realized that the “new to him” thing isn’t all that scary at all.  He loves sitting on the couch to watch TV with people and will happily spend the night in your bed or in his crate. He also likes to make sure he knows where you are at all times and will follow you around the house as you go about your business.  

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