Etta is only 4.5 months and is already a fair size so we think she’ll grow up to be a pretty big girl.  She is crate trained and about 95% housetrained (she occasionally has accidents at night if she isn’t in a crate – lesson learned on our part!).  She is starting to learn what a leash is and has cautiously started exploring the world around her on walks.  She is super curious and like most young pups, mischievous as well!  Etta has been getting along fantastically with all the dogs she has met and she’s a pretty snuggly girl with her human friends too.

This playful girl will need a fair amount of exercise and will benefit from training classes as she is going to be “a lot of dog” when she’s full grown.  Her foster home already has been doing some work with her and has discovered that she is very clever and eager to please.

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