Fennel was born in early March 2019.  His mom is a med/large black and white mixed breed of unknown heritage.  The dad is a total mystery.  Fennel and his litter-mates will be available for adoption in early May, but we are accepting applications now.

This boy is active and sure likes to play.  He likes to be the center of attention and bounces his way to cuddles.  But Fen can be sensitive to stressful and new situations.  But if he gets a chance to explore on his own, he gets back to being his playful self.

Update from his foster home!  Fennel is a very active boy. He will spend hours in the backyard running around content to just be by himself. He plays well with other dogs and loves to wrestle. They often tire before he does. He has been trained to “sit” and “go outside”. He sleeps in a kennel all night with no barking or accidents. He rarely has accidents inside the house anymore either yay! His favourite toy is his sister’s ear, stuffed animals and socks! He gets so excited when we come home and will jump up to say hello. We are working on that. He pays no attention to my cat and would much rather spend his day wrestling with my other dogs. He is a chewer so needs lots of things to chew. When he sleeps he sleeps with all 4 paws straight up in the air. He’s really good with kids and adults but would prefer to play with other dogs compared to us. He is definitely the wild one 2764 Fennel he doesn’t bark ever and loves to be fed treats. He will sit and wait patiently until it’s his turn to get one. He is a super sweet boy.

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