Happy looooooves people! She doesn’t just cuddle, she melts into you, constantly giving everyone kisses and bonds quickly with her people. She’s so excited to see us when we get home, tail wagging and butt wiggling to the max. She loves other dogs and is super playful, but could not care less about cats. At the dog park she’ll always say hi to the pups, but would rather enjoy her walk with me. Happy will eat anything and play with anything (ANYTHING) as she is still a puppy at heart. She’s crate trained but would rather crawl into bed with you for the night and cuddle up.  She is still working on her house training skills as this living in a house bit is all new to her so will need a home that is willing to work on this with her. Happy is an absolute sweetheart with everyone and will be a very easy dog to have around.

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