Jax – Adoption Pending

Jax is an adorable, confident 7 year old male.  He is great with everyone, OK with cats and will tolerate dogs but isn’t the type of dog that wants to wrestle or play with other pups.  He LOVES to snuggle and will happily sleep in bed with you.  He is super easy to have in the house and will shadow you without getting in the way, or demanding too much attention.  He is fantastic off leash and generally sticks really close to his people.  He’s also not much of a barker.  The only time he is noisy is in the car – he wouldn’t make a good “trucker” dog as he tends to whine the whole time but he doesn’t show any signs of motion sickness (such as puking or drooling).

This little guy is feisty and fun and would do great in almost any type of family.  He doesn’t need a ton of exercise but he’d happily go for walks and hikes whenever you wanted.  Jax is actually in pretty fantastic shape.

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