Jayse is a petite little 5 month old.  She is 100% mutt but as far as we can tell she’ll grow up to be a small/medium sized dog.

Jayse is a happy and playful pup.  She greets strangers like they are her best friend and loves to play with toys.  She hasn’t seen a lot of the big wide world yet so she can get a little unsure when you are new places but after a minute or two of her getting her bearings, she is good to go.  This was the first time Jayse and her brother Isaac came to this park and as you can see, they settled in quickly (we actually had issues with them playing too much – leashes were getting tangled and photos were put on pause while they wrestled and got covered in slobber and burrs).  Just don’t be surprised if she hits the brakes occasionally on a walk.

Jayse gets along fine with other dogs and cats and would make a wonderful family pet.  She’s also a pretty expert snuggler!

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