Jim – Adoption Pending

Jim is a young (10 month old), but very large, adorable mixed breed.  He is goofy, boisterous and very sweet.  He LOVES people, is great with other dogs and is even good with cats.  He loves toys and treats and has had lots of training – but he’s still young and immature so his brain still turns on and off at random.  Did we mention he’s big – we’ve included a person in one of the photos so you can see just how big  He is probably close to full height, but he should lose his gawky teenage physic eventually and bulk out a bit.

Jim is an active dog and also has some separation anxiety.  His experienced foster home is helping him work through this issue, but he will continue to need some help in the future. He would definitely benefit from having a second dog in the household as then he won’t ever actually be “alone”.   He adores everyone, but he might be a bit much for small toddlers as he’s not really all that aware of what all his limbs are doing yet.  LOL.  He also has a habit of running at full speeds everywhere he goes without pausing to consider what might be standing in his way.

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