Katie is  young puppy that was picked up as a stray from a northern reserve. She’s everything a puppy “should” be – she happy, friendly and curious.  It’s so hard to tell how big she’ll grow up to be as we don’t know her exact age and we don’t know what either of her parents look like.  She doesn’t have giant feet, so we are GUESSING she’ll be mid sized as an adult but don’t hold us to that!  If you adopt her, be prepared for any size.

Katie started out pretty shy and a bit scared when she first arrived at her foster home. But she soon realized a house meant warmth and food and that people are pretty awesome. Katie isn’t a big cuddler but she wants to sit beside you on the couch or lay at your feet. If you move she is right there beside you to see what adventure might be next. She is eager to learn, loves to play, chases a ball and enjoys a game of tug. Katie is at the perfect age to go to her new family – young enough to be a lot of fun and old enough to start learning all the lessons needed in life. Her fawn colored coat, dark face and white feet make her a little beauty that everyone is sure to love

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