Leo is a young mixed breed of unknown parentage – which means we don’t know how big he’ll get.  He was born at the end of November or early December.

Leo is a sweet calm puppy, smart, methodical and loves to lay around. He likes to play but he’s much quieter than his brother Raph. Both like to take long naps in their play pen and have short bursts of play time before having a snack and then going back to bed. They sleep in a little bed in their play pen. We suspect they should be fairly easy to kennel train.

They were a bit nervous meeting their large breed 7 month old roommate, but stood their ground and tried to hop along to play with her. They try to play with their other yorkie roommates, but also listen well if the yorkies say no. They haven’t been around cats, but with proper introductions there should be no issues with them. They love meeting new people and typically try to crawl right onto their feet or laps. We try to encourage sitting for attention so that they don’t learn to jump up on people when they get big! They just started playing with toys, they’ll shake stuffs around, but mostly like chewing them at this point. When they play in the back yard they like to explore sniffing around and chasing each other. But they don’t like to be left alone outside and will cry at the door to be brought in with you right away! We think Raph is the instigator of this behaviour and suspect Leo will be a little more independent.

These pups ravage their food down! They will need to be encouraged to slow down with slow feeders. When they eat together they grumble at each other trying to make sure they both get enough. Leo would probably enjoy a more relaxed home, as long as he still gets his daily exercise and play, he’s pretty content! I would describe Leo as more serious because he likes to observe before joining into play time. He wants to understand what’s happening around him, and he is more of an observer.  This week the brothers showed us how different their personalities are when they were playing on the deck. Leo very carefully figured out how to slowly climb up the steps without any help. Raph ran up to the steps and started barking at us that he wanted up to, but didn’t want to waste time trying to figure out how! Later on, Leo carefully walked to the edge of the steps to get down and hesitated, tried getting down carefully, and took a couple little tumbles, but was somewhat graceful. When Raph decided he wanted done he ran straight over the edge and did a few tumbles and squeaks on the way, shook it off, and got running onto his next mission!

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