Marshall is a young puppy that was picked up as a stray from a northern reserve.  He’s everything a puppy “should” be – happy, friendly, playful, curious.  It’s impossible to tell how big he’ll grow up to be as we don’t know his exact age and we don’t know what either of his parents looked like.  His feet aren’t particularly big so we are GUESSING he’ll be a mid-sized adult, but don’t hold us to that. If you adopt Marshall you should be prepared for any sized dog.

Marshall may be 100% mutt but he is also 100% love bug.  Not only did he quickly worm his way into his foster parents’ hearts, but he has also converted both his foster dog and cat siblings into Marshall fans.  Just last night he was found curled up sleeping using the cat as a pillow. <3  He likes to play with toys and will play fetch and tug with enthusiasm.  He’ll be getting his first vaccinations early next week and should be ready to head off to his new home shortly after that!

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