Moose-Adoption Pending

We think Moose’s foster mom describes him best so here is what she has to say….
This is Moose! He’s kind of a model if you couldn’t tell. He prefers to spend his time rapped up like a cozy burrito touching you at all times no matter the heat. While other dogs can be around Moose insists you focus on him first and foremost. Moose prefers doing his business out in the wilderness but has had the odd accident he doesn’t like to mention with a blanket. While he’s happy to come whenever you call he’s still figuring out how to master the sit. Moose will undoubtedly be snatched by a forever home way to fast.
If you are interested in adopting Moose, please review our process and complete an application form.
Moose 1 575x1024 Moose Adoption PendingMoose 2 575x1024 Moose Adoption Pending Moose 3 575x1024 Moose Adoption Pending

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