So you can’t go to Mexico this winter, why not bring a little Mexico home to you!
My name is Nacho and I’m approximately 18 months old. Although I’m originally from Mexico, don’t let that fool you. I love being outside, even with all of this snow! As many people have felt cabin fever during this whole pandemic, well that’s how I feel when I don’t get enough exercise! I get very happy when my humans take me outside on a walk and let me sniff the shrubs, fire hydrants and poles we may pass. I really would make a great hiking or running partner! I am not a dog that would enjoy a dog park but would rather spend time outside with my family! I don’t like it when dogs come into my face too quickly! Like hello, I need my space!
Speaking of spending quality time with my family, I would really enjoy taking an obedience class together so I can learn new things. I am a dog that needs some boundaries and rules to make me the most successful! I do like cuddling up in my kennel for some down time too!
In my previous home, I didn’t get along with the other animals so I would prefer a home all to myself. I also think it would be best to be in a home with humans who are experienced in owning a dog as I sometimes need support as I don’t always know how to act when I get overwhelmed!
Have I mentioned how much I love people? I love getting some cuddles, curling up on the couch and interacting with everyone. I am a young boy who has lots of energy! I am good with older kids but I need to be supervised to make sure both me and the kids are being respectful of one another!
So, if you know you can give me daily exercise, want to do some obedience classes with me, have an animal free home and promise to love me and give me all of the scratches, I think you should apply to adopt me! Hasta Luego!

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