Nacho – Adopted!!!

Nacho is the coolest dog, and just oozes personality. He is sweet, goofy and very playful. He is about two years old and is a medium sized mixed breed- our guess is Australian Shepherd type mix.
He is a super happy dog with a pretty permanent smile on his face. Everything is fun when you are Nacho! He loves people and is super outgoing and friendly. At home he’s affectionate and loves to cuddle. He has been in a foster home with kids and adores them. While an active dog, he’s not hyper and after a walk is content to lie on the couch and chew a toy or bone. He’s not a high maintenance fella!  He does love walks though and with his athletic build would make a great running partner!
Nacho is at that point where he’s mostly pretty perfect. As an adult dog he has a great foundation for life skills already.
House trained? Yup!
Good manners? Yup! No crate needed for this guy!
Basic Obedience? Yup!
Leash Skills? Sort of! (This can always use work!)
The only negative thing we have to say about him really is the fact that he is not dog friendly. He needs to be an only dog, and is not dog park material. But you know what?  That doesn’t make him a bad dog! He is still absolutely fine to go for leash walks and hikes and can see a dog across the street and be just fine! His reactivity is getting better and better. In fact, one of the local trainers has donated a free half hour consult to whoever adopts him! This way his new family will know how to deal with him!
To see more about Nacho or even better yet apply to adopt him, visit our website

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