Odyssey is a young (less than a year old) mixed breed.   She has the cutest little bark-howl you’ve ever heard and isn’t afraid to let you know when she wants something – thankfully, that isn’t very often. She’s pretty timid and skittish. She’ll move away whenever anyone approaches, but with only a little bit of patience, she’ll approach you with her tail wagging and will eventually accept, and greatly enjoy, a neck rub.  The good news is she’s very curious and VERY food motivated so we feel with time, this girl will blossom into a pretty wonderful companion.  She will require a quiet home with people willing to give her time to adjust and work through her fear – children and busy households will not be something she enjoys at the moment. She does great with her foster dogs and cats – she has great social skills with animals.  We’ve also seen her starting to play with toys!  Odyssey (or Dessy for short) grew up outside so she isn’t currently housetrained (we are working on it!), however she does have the ability to sleep through the night and to be left crated for reasonable periods of time during the day without an accident.

Update from foster home – Jan 10: WOW!  What a difference a few days can make.  Dessy is definitely finding her groove.  She’s discovered the toy box and will dig until she finds a toy she wants.  She has been having a blast chasing, squishing and chewing on toys. She’s getting much more confident with us and she’ll even run to greet us at the door when we come home and comes over all the time for neck scratches.  She no long skitters away in fear as we move about the house and always wants to be near us.  We can usually find her on the nearest dog bed to where we are sitting.  She’s started to play with one of our dogs and the two of them have had some fun chase games in the backyard.  She sleeps loose in our bedroom with us and we’ve had no middle of the night accidents.  She still has her moments where she doesn’t want us approaching her but these are becoming few and far between.

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