Ozzy is a very happy 12 year old male.  His tail never stops going.  He’s easily one of the happiest little guy I’ve ever met.

As you can probably guess, Ozzy is blind. He lost his one eye to glaucoma and his other eye has been blinded by it.  At the moment, his remaining eye is causing him no pain so we won’t be removing it.  He does remarkably well for an old blind guy.  He loves to go for walks and putters around with his nose to the ground. He will bump into things in the house but he takes it all in stride and just keeps going.

He has been fostered with other dogs in the past (and is currently as well), but we’ve found that he would probably be happiest on his own, or at least with another dog or cat that would just ignore him for the most part.  He can get a bit snappy when a dog comes into his space unexpectedly.  For whatever reason, he doesn’t have this same reaction to people and he loves everyone.

If you are interested in adopting this happy-go-lucky guy, please visit our Adoptions page and fill out an application today!


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