Pogo is a middle aged dog (around 7).  He is a very sweet guy who gets along with everyone. His favourite thing in life is snuggly.  He loves to snuggle in bed in the mornings and on the couch in the evenings.  If anyone was looking for a dog they could volunteer with as a therapy dog, he would make a great candidate.  He’s friendly, but never jumps up in excitement or is too pushy. He’s quiet – his foster home hasn’t even heard him bark once.  He travels quietly and nicely in a car and is an all around pleasure to live with.  He’s also fantastic on leash but could use a bit of work on his recall when off leash.

Pogo gets along great with most dogs after a proper introduction.  He loves to wrestle with his foster sibling.  A few years ago he was hit by a car and his back leg sustained some damage.  He uses it on and off when he walks. It doesn’t seem to cause him any pain, but he would probably not be best for someone looking for a running partner or someone who likes to go for long hikes.  It doesn’t limit his daily activities at all and is fine with “regular” walks.

If you are interested in Pogo please fill out an application form and a volunteer will get in touch!


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