At first glace you may notice something is missing about me – my family! – oh and my right leg. But don’t worry, that doesn’t slow me down at all! When people ask me how I lost it I like to tell them it was a shark attack to make me sound heroic. I’m a spunky, energetic 9-month old puppy who’s looking to find the right family that I can play ball with, and cuddle and who’s looking for love (I mean who isn’t these days?!) I love people – so much that I pee when I see you! Does anyone else you know get so excited to see you that they pee?! Didn’t think so. But don’t worry I got your covered (literally). I’m working on my manners but let’s face it I’m still a puppy so I’m going to find things to chew on that you didn’t even think a puppy could find. I have two foster dog-brothers and I really like them, but I don’t think they feel the same way (they’re old and grumpy). I saw a cat in the yard but scared her away before I could introduce myself but I think we could be friends if she didn’t run away so fast – faster than three legs can get me anyway. I’ll tell you this though, I’m always the winner of the family reunion three-legged race! 


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