Ross-Adoption Pending

Meet Ross!

He is approximately 3 years old and would be happy to find a home with someone who will give him all the love.  Here’s what his foster home has to say about him.

For such a big dog, he is very gentle and sweet. He is great with kids and other dogs.

At the dog run, he loves to run a bit (he’s a little lazy), walks ok with a harness, he might fetch a little, but he’s mostly interested in politely making new friends. We have seen deer and cats on our walks and he hasn’t chased them. He was a bit startled when the bus went by, but we talked through it and he is getting more comfortable with traffic. Have been avoiding busy roads. His recall is ok, but since he’s still learning his name he currently runs to anyone who whistles.

All the neighbors adore him. He doesn’t jump, lick, whine, beg (much), or bark. Stays off the furniture. He just wants to cuddle all the time and makes an excellent foot warmer while reading a book. We are working on “personal space”. He has so much love to give. If you ignore him he will start moving cushions and stuff to get your attention.  He gets riled up when I try to go to bed, but once I get him in his crate he snores sweetly through the night. He doesn’t currently know any tricks. Zero interest in treats so I’ve been trying to train him with “Paws”itive reinforcement only. He will do anything for love and is eager to learn just so he can be a “good boy”.

He will eat 2 meals a day if mixed with wet food. He currently goes “dead-weight” getting into the crate and into the car… once he’s in, he does great but he is very heavy lol. He tries to get out the door with me when I leave, but once I  close the door he’s fine. No crying, barking, or scratching. He will do good in any home, big or small, with a family or single person. He is absolutely wonderful

If you are interested in adopting him, please review our process and complete an application at

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