Stevie could be in the running for Friendliest Dog on the planet.  He’s incredibly happy and just so darn friendly!  You don’t even need to bribe him with food – all you need to do is walk in the door and he’s your new best friend. And the weird thing is, you won’t even really notice that he was a disability… He’s blind.  But man, that doesn’t slow him down at all.  He orients himself incredibly well with sound and smells and only occasionally runs into the back of your legs while on a walk.  No one you pass on the path would have a clue he was blind. He walks with confidence and without hesitation and manages to find plenty of trees to pee on.

While Stevie doesn’t seem to have a problem with other dogs, he needs very careful introductions because he can’t read any of the communication signals from the other dogs and he’s also not giving out the right signals in return.  He won’t be a dog that will excel at the dog park. If he was to have any dog friends, they would need to be the kind that are super tolerant of rude behaviours because they will probably get bumped into, stepped on, etc.  He is also a little obsessed with cats so needs to be in a cat free home.

Stevie loves food and is quite eager to learn what he needs to do to get more treats in his belly. He loves his people and follows them everywhere.  He’s housetrained, crate trained, great in the car and pretty amazing on a leash already. He knows sit and stay too. He’s a lot of fun and would make a great addition to any family.


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