Taco is an awesome little 2 year old guy.  He can be a little skittish when you first meet him but if you give him a little bit of time to evaluate things, he’ll come around quickly.  (For example, I just met him for about 15 minutes for a photo session. He started off barking at me and keeping his distance, but by the end, he was taking cookies from me, and playing with the toy I threw. I never actually tried to pet him as I could sense he wasn’t quite ready for that yet.)  After a few days he was perfectly comfortable with everyone in his foster family.
His favourite thing to do is play fetch, aka “keep away”, with his stuffy. He could play for hours with it. He sleeps in the bed with his human foster sister.  He is ok to be left in the house loose on his own, but he does bark and whine a bit when his foster family first leaves.  He likes to hang out on the couch and watch TV with you.  He’s a really fun little guy and with a bit more confidence, he’ll really shine.
Due to his skittish nature with strangers, we feel a home without young kids would be easiest for him to adjust to.

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