Tess is an incredibly sweet 10 year old mixed breed.

UPDATE: Tess has been with her foster home about a week and she is really starting to shine.  She isn’t nearly as nervous as she once was and even the giant storm we had last week didn’t bother her.  She is eating with gusto and is having so much fun on her walks. She bounces around and has a grand ole time.  She went to the dog park and was great with every dog she met – big or little, it didn’t matter to her.

She’s mellowing out in her senior years, but this girl still has lots of spunk and energy left.  She is pretty indifferent to other dogs but will roughhouse with people.  She came with lots of toys, so we suspect she’ll get more and more playful as she settles in.  She is fantastic both on and off leash – she keeps a good eye on you and doesn’t stray far.  She is great with cats – even if they are hissing at her, she just ignores them.  She’s very quiet in the house and very rarely barks – although she isn’t a fan of the garbage man!

All in all, Tess is a gentle, loveable, good natured dog.  She’d probably be more content in a quieter household, but we have nothing to indicate that she wouldn’t be fine with kids.


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