Tracker is a pretty sweet and mellow 8 year old. He’s currently working on his beach body after eating too much and not exercising enough all winter long. Wait – that’s me.  Sorry.  He’s just on a diet due to no fault of his own – he’s up for a walk any time!  Although he also won’t say no to a tasty snack – we have that in common.

Tracker gets along great with people of all ages, does well with other dogs and is just generally a laid back guy.  He’s quiet in the house, can be trusted to be loose and is 100% housetrained.  He’s not great off leash at the moment as he is pretty interested in little critters like ground squirrels and bunnies.  With a little bit more work on his recall, he’d be a great dog at the dog park. We couldn’t let him off leash to swim but judging by how he launched right in to the lake  and puttered around, he is a big fan of water.  He is great on the leash (until he spots a squirrel that is!) and is super easy to walk around the neighbourhood.  He will play a little bit with other dogs, but he’s generally too lazy. We also have NOT discovered a toy he’ll play with but we also haven’t found a treat he’ll refuse. He is not a “furniture” dog and is content to lay on the floor or his dog bed.  He doesn’t jump up on people (huge bonus given his size!)  and is very patient and gentle with kids.  He does however enjoy chasing cats so would be best in a home without them.

Have we mentioned he loves food?  He eats like he is starving and dances in circles when he knows his meal is on it’s way.

If you’d like to meet the giant marshmallow know as Tracker, fill out an Application Form and we’ll be in touch!


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